Dj Rathore Hodal App: Free Short Video Making App for fun videos, memes & more

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Download Dj Rathore Hodal app from playstore.Download Dj Rathore Hodal app from playstore.

Home to the top digital creators of the country,

Dj Rathore Hodal

is the platform that will help you nurture your talent in creating videos and make you discover your audience. With 1 Bn+ video views and creators like Badshah, Jannat Zubair, Garima Chaurasia, Angel Rai, Aashika Bhatia with millions of followers, Dj Rathore Hodal has already become India’s leading short-video app.

New Hashtags & Cash Prizes Every Week

With an ever growing internet community, Dj Rathore Hodal aims to be in trends constantly. Beginning with contests like #DjRathoreHodal that distributed cash prize worth ₹5 Lacs, new contests will continue to engage you so that you never run out of ideas for your new video.

Want to go viral?

Dj Rathore Hodal is constantly searching for the next Internet sensation. Use the trending hashtags, take part in various hashtag contests and get a chance to collab with the biggest digital creators with the support of Dj Rathore Hodal. Check out the app’s EXPLORE tab to stay updated!

Create Attractive Videos with Advanced Editing

Can’t wait to get your video to show everyone? Get Inspired, be creative and stand out from the crowd. Shoot your own video with easy editing tools and super trendy filters and effects.

Latest Music, Songs & Viral Dialogues

You think there’s a song that can make your video viral? You’ll find it on Dj Rathore Hodal’s Music Library.

Share and Download Videos

Share videos from Dj Rathore Hodal app directly onto social media or download them in your phone.

Appreciation for All!

Be it comedy, dance, cooking, fitness, acting, singing, lip-sync, mimicking, poetry or drawing, with every passing day, Dj Rathore Hodal’s community of creators in each of these video genres is expanding at a tremendous pace.

India’s Unity in Diversity

With creators from all over the country, expressing themselves on Dj Rathore Hodal, you can choose your preferred language from Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and many more.

Dj Rathore Hodal App

Dj Rathore Hodal App is a fun video maker and dialogue dubbing app developed by Dj Rathore Hodal & Entertainment that allows the users to make short-form videos and funny dubbed videos. Not just limited to these, the Indian TikTok app also provides its users dubbing of dialogues, customization of videos, addition of music to all types of videos, be it Comedy, Gaming, Memes or Food!. Recreate the best scenes from your favourite movies and the hook steps of hit songs using the free music video maker.

Dj Rathore Hodal Android App is the new music video maker app, the Indian TikTok App which now you can use to make dance videos with friends, funny dubbing videos with family and dialogue dubbed videos of the popular actors from their popular films and share across social media. The free music video maker can also be used to recreate the hook steps of blockbuster soundtracks. The hot trending features - Beauty Cam, Video & Photo editor, rich music library, multi-language content, more than 10,000 videos to pick from and more await you!


1. Is there any Indian TikTok App?

Dj Rathore Hodal is a short video community, made locally and specially by Dj Rathore Hodal & Entertainment in India. On Dj Rathore Hodal, we provide rich video content and encourage creation full of imagination.

2. Which apps are made in India?

The new fun video maker app Dj Rathore Hodal is made in India specially by Dj Rathore Hodal & Entertainment to provide users with rich video content and give wings to their imagination.

3. How to add an effect?

According to your comfortability you can add effects to your videos on Dj Rathore Hodal App before or after making the video. However, some effects may only be applied before you start making the video. Tap Effect and then select an effect.

4. How to save a video?

If you have made a video but wish to post it later, you can first create the video by tapping on Create, after finishing the video tap on Next, and then save it to the Drafts folder of Dj Rathore Hodal App.

5. How to use flash while shooting the video?

You can use the flash feature of your smart device while shooting a video on the Dj Rathore Hodal App as and when required. Start the shooting, tap on flash to turn it on, and tap again to turn it off.

6. How to keep your video private?

Dj Rathore Hodal App allows to make the video private or public, by going to the settings and selecting the video and tap on the option Who Can View This Video.